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Thought this might be of interest :) 
11:07am 29/04/2007
  I just found this online - a free online ebook of The Egyptian Book Of The Dead



An Egyptology Blog 
10:36pm 08/03/2006
mood: accomplished
I've just created a new blog on wordpress.com for the purpose of a) sharing my experiences as an Egyptology student and b) helping to provide information and resources to others who are interested in following this path. Come check it out at http://seshnedjem.wordpress.com/ .

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Bad moderator.. 
08:08pm 23/09/2004
  I haven't been a very good moderator. In fact, I changed my name and forgot the password for the community.

Anyhow, seeing as how this community died a painful death, I'm going to try and reinstate it back into the land of the living.
I start working on my masters-level dissertation next week, so maybe I'll pick up some interesting things to throw in here.
I have Dr. Ian Shaw as one of my lecturers. I'm sure he'll teach me a thing or two that I can share with everyone else.
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a new Ancient e 
07:24am 25/08/2004
I am a big fan of Omm Sety who very much loved Sety I and even knew him on a personal level. In fact currently I am hoping to be accpeted into a temple course given by one of Omm Sety's disciples. It's the Temple Harakhte praxis by Rosemary Clark. She wrote a book called Sacred MAgic in Ancient Egypt. I am a devotee and follwer of the god Osiris.
I Just to let everyone know who is interested in Ancient Egypt or Middle Eastern music, I have a new community up. Please join at
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x-posted in a few places.. 
11:18pm 30/11/2003
  Does anyone out there know where I can get a copy of the Supreme Council of Antiquities application for Foreign Undertakings? I've been looking for a while and can't find it. Am I just asking google the wrong question?
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Egyptology Pays for Empire? 
08:33am 01/10/2003
  Have you seen this ?  
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Some upcoming events for those of you in PDX/Seattle 
11:31am 15/09/2003
mood: excited
Hope to see some of you there if you can make it!

The next seminar will be given by Dr.Eugene Cruz-Uribe: "Going to Church in Ancient Egypt - but Where Are the Pews. "
In Portland, Sept. 18, 2003 at 7.30p.m., Koinonia Hall.
In Seattle, Sept. 21, 2003 at 2p.m., SAM

MARK LEHNER will be giving an exciting discussion/lecture on "Discovering the Lost City of the Pyramids: The End of an Archaeological Marathon" on Sat. October 18, 2003 at the University of WA, Kane Hall, Room 220, 2pm.
09:55pm 08/09/2003
  Hello, I've been in this community for a while, but I've been content with lurking until now. For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated with ancient Egypt; I believe it started when I heard the story of the discovery of King Tut's tomb. I'm not sure if anyone has heard this, but I've heard that Tutankhamun's real name was Tutankhaten or something like that, and after he became pharoah, he changed it, in a campaign to wipe out the memory of his father's heretical, monotheistic reign and to re-establish the polytheistic religion. Has anyone else heard this, or is anyone able to elaborate or correct?

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Mummy thought to be Nefertiti may be a man 
11:35am 01/09/2003
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x-posted in egyptology 
03:22pm 25/08/2003
mood: excited
Lectures/Seminars coming up in Portland/Seattle!

Email I recieved..Collapse )
02:59pm 21/08/2003
  Gregory keeps messing up his lj-tags, so just go here to read about the reason Dr. Fletcher needs to learn how to give credit where credit is due  
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05:59pm 21/08/2003
  i think i made that last post all fouled up.

Lost credit
Sir-- Regarding Nevine El-Aref's article 'Nefertiti always and forever' (Al-Ahram Weekly, 26 June - 2 July). I can assure you that Dr Joann Fletcher of Britain was most definitely not the first person to make the connection between "The Younger Lady", the mummy from the tomb of Amenhotep II and Queen Nefertiti of legendary loveliness. I have had a copyrighted article on the World Wide Web since 1999 at http://www.geocities.com/scribelist/ do_we_have_.htm called "Do We Have the Mummy of Nefertiti?". On 8 June, 2003, the day the London Sunday Times broke the story about Fletcher, the statistics on my Web site indicated that 35,000 persons had already accessed my article. I also published a little book by limited edition in 1996 called Portraits of Pharaohs, which also proposed the theory.
Every single one of the points made by Dr Fletcher about the mummy was made by me in my online article, including the double-pierced ears and the shaved head as being necessary for Nefertiti's crown quoted by El-Aref in her report. The only thing I had no comment on was the type of wig found near the mummy, as I had never had access to it.

What is also evident is that Joann Fletcher is no more a "mummy expert" than I am. She has published nothing, to my knowledge, about mummies but seemed to concentrate on ancient hair and perfumes and oils. It is all too apparent that one of two things occurred. Either Dr Fletcher was motivated by my article to gain permission to examine the mummy further, or she did not do a thorough check to see who had published something previously on her own theory. In either event, Dr Fletcher had no business to take all the credit for her "discovery".

I have been receiving e-mails from people all over the world who know about my article and are outraged at Fletcher's pre-emptory actions. I plan to attempt to obtain a restraining order against the Discovery Channel showing the documentary about Fletcher and the mummy unless they are willing to set the record straight.

Marianne Luban
05:53pm 21/08/2003
  the lady who wrote this has an article in the current of kmt... she wrote this letter to the editor of some mag or website dealing with the mid east.

Lost credit Sir-- Regarding Nevine El-Aref's article 'Nefertiti always and forever' (Al-Ahram Weekly, 26 June - 2 July). I can assure you that Dr Joann Fletcher of Britain was most definitely not the first person to make the connection between Collapse )
Ramesses II, a brief overview. 
02:29pm 20/08/2003
mood: thoughtful
I guess I'll say something interesting.

By far one of my favourite historical figures,

I was lucky enough to view his mummy at the Louvre back in 2000. It's absolutely amazing the condition he is in today.
During his long reign from 1279-1212, he had eight principle wives.

Bint-Anath (daughter of Istnofret)
Meryetamun (daughter of Nefetari)
Henutmire (king's sister)
Maathorneferure (1st Hittite princess)
Name Unknown (2nd Hittite princess)

Nefertari was his favourite and most beloved wife, for whom he built the greatest tomb in the valley of the kings, Temple of Hathor/Temple of Nefertari at Abu Simbel.
view the tomb hereCollapse )
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02:19pm 20/08/2003
mood: excited
Hello future and/or new members. ;o)
This is an open discussion forum relating to the Dynastic period of Ancient Egypt. I am your moderator, crazyducky. Don't feel that you are regulated to discussing the 19th Dynasty only, I am just a big Ramesses II nutt. Feel free to discuss anything from King Scorpion to the Greco-Roman period if you so chose.

Just keep it clean, and do not start flame wars or bash on others opinions. Disagreements are healthy in a discussion, but being cruel and immature about it is not. I will not tolerate such actions.

Anyhow, welcome :o)
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